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Clear Lake bait beast: swimbaits

Mar 29, 2010

The 2010 Golden State Shootout pros were using giant swimbait to catch large bass.

Shootout's final day

Mar 21, 2010

Three different tracks being used for the final day at the 2010 Golden State Shootout.

Velvick continues swimbait

Mar 20, 2010

The saying 'no pain no gain' certainly pertains to Byron Velvick at the 2010 Golden State Shootout.

Day Two Notes and Quotes

Mar 20, 2010

The ups and downs of Day Two of the 2010 Golden State Shootout, according to the pros.

Shootout's Odd Couple: Velvick, Eaker

Mar 20, 2010

Different generations, different techniques. How Velvick & Eaker roll at the 2010 Golden State Shootout.

So many fish

Mar 20, 2010

The pros at the 2010 golden State Shootout are amazed at the amount of fish in Clear Lake.

Looking for big bite

Mar 19, 2010

Swimbait was the name of the game on Day One of the 2010 Golden State Shootout on Clear Lake

Gear banging

Mar 19, 2010

Jared Lintner's thought's are as scattered as his equipment is after his truck/boat accident getting to the 2010 Golden State Shootout.

Clear Lake: A sleeping giant

Mar 18, 2010

The Elite pros are having a tough time at their practice sessions on Clear Lake, hoping that the tables turn very soon.

Day Four Notes and Quotes

Mar 14, 2010

Highlights of Day Four of the 2010 Duel in the Delta.