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Your best bet for a spring giant

Mar 5, 2013

The oldest lure style in your tacklebox may also be your best bet to catch a true giant this spring. The jig-and-pig is as timeless as it is effective.

Winter bass on power plant lakes: Part 1

Dec 20, 2011

As winter approaches, many fishermen resign themselves to the armchair until spring. For lucky anglers who live near a hot water power plant, the water never freezes so the fishing need never stop.

Winter bass on power plant lakes: Part 2

Dec 11, 2011

Everyone flocks to power plant lakes when it's cold, but they produce all year long.

The Mysterious Mudbug

Jan 26, 2010

Ken Cook, a former fisheries biologist and a Bassmaster Classic champion tells us about crawfish and crawfish lures.

Spinnerbaits in cold water

Dec 11, 2009

In spite of this versatility, many fishermen regard spinnerbaits as seasonal tools and stow them away when the water temperatures drop. Brent Chapman, veteran Elite Series angler and nine-time Classic qualifier, has a different approach.

It's Always Football Season

Sep 8, 2008

Some fishermen forgo the summer bite altogether and hang up their rods until cooler temperatures return in the fall about the middle of football season.

PVA Makes a Difference

Jul 31, 2008

On July 11-13, 2008, the Paralyzed Veterans of America Bass Tour returned to Waldorf, Md., to fish the Potomac River. Sixty-four disabled anglers from 27 different states rounded out the field that including 24 newly injured wounded warriors who have recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hawg Hunting

Jul 22, 2008

A darkening figure at the bow slowly guides his craft through the backwater maze of creek channel and weeds.

Wacky jig offers crazy results

Feb 12, 2008

Japanese anglers are a remarkable group. In a land of highly pressured small lakes and fierce competition, they've produced some of the most enthusiastic and talented tournament anglers in the world. And, because of that pressure, limited access and competition, they're some of the most innovative, as well.

Carolina Rigging

Dec 27, 2007

It's never really easy to fish in the cold of winter, but the Carolina rig can make it easier if you know how to use it.