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The G-Man gets his 'W'

Feb 3, 2011

The pressure is off for Gerald Swindle as he puts a win on his resumé. He knew that he was in first place with a solid lead and could relax.

The mental side

Feb 3, 2011

Gerald talks about the mental side of bass fishing and how keeping those ideas fresh in his mind helps him to put everything together for the win.

Frugal Angler: Love your tow vehicle

Dec 9, 2010

Terry Butcher gives advice on taking care of your tow vehicle.

Love your engine

Nov 18, 2010

learn a few dos and don'ts about how to save money on big motor repairs and avoid lost fishing time.

Frugal Angler: Fishing close to home

Nov 8, 2010

We all like to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Anglers are especially bad about that. We think if we just travel far enough, search long enough and spend enough money, we'll find a honey hole where the bass are big, fat and stupid. Believe me, I'm as bad as the next guy about it.

Texoma: How Pharr Did It

Oct 25, 2010

Mike Pharr did on Lake Texoma last week. With only nine bass, caught across three days, he managed to boat the winning weight and earn more than $42,000 in the process.

Lake Seminole: How Fitzgerald Did It

Oct 11, 2010

27-year-old Trevor Fitzgerald stuck with his plan. The result was a stellar performance which earned him a Southern Open win.

Master Series on tackle with Aaron Martens

Sep 21, 2010

Aaron Martens talks about general characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, when you're selecting a hook.

Chesapeake Bay: How Wellman Did It

Sep 20, 2010

Nate Wellman's long hours of practice on the Bay was his key to success in the Northern Open.

Detroit River: How Schmitz Did It

Aug 24, 2010

In the following article, you will read how Todd Schmitz earned first place in the Bassmaster Northern Open on the Detroit River. As they moved from one spot to another to find the bass, he describes what gear and strategy he and his co-angler used.