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Other fun fish (and how to catch them)

Aug 29, 2007

Fun fish and how to catch them.

Lures for stream bass

Aug 29, 2007

You've probably got an awesome place to fish for bass within an easy bike ride of your house and you don't need a boat to fish it! Thousands of streams crisscross America, and many of them contain excellent populations of bass.

A Day on the Lake with Terry Scroggins: Early Summer

Jun 27, 2007

BASS tournaments take place on huge bodies of water over several days of competition. But did you ever wonder how a top BASS pro would fare on your home lake that little ol' bass hole down the road where you and your buddies fish? That's the premise behind Bassmaster's reality series, "A Day on the Lake With a Pro." Here, we put the hottest names in competitive bass fishing on small lakes they've never seen before, then give them seven hours to figure out a viable pattern while we log everything they do to locate and catch bass.

A Day on the Lake: The Record Book

Jun 27, 2007

I conceived Bassmaster's "Day on the Lake" back in 1997 not as a series, but as a one-time article. My premise was simple: I wondered how a top BASS pro would fare on a small lake he'd never seen before where he'd fish; what he'd look at in the way of structure and cover; what lures and presentations he'd use; how he'd put together a viable pattern given no prior knowledge of the lake, with no map and no practice time. My hunch was that readers would pick up useful tips on how to fish their home lakes by gaining inside access to a pro's decision-making process on a strange body of water.

Bassmaster Exclusive Double Trouble: The Bass Grabber

Jun 21, 2007

In this article, read how Charlie Ingram developed a new lure, a bass jig with a monumental difference: it sports two big, bad hooks instead of the usual one.

A Day on the Lake Peter Thliveros: Summer

Jun 19, 2007

In this article, you can read how this month Peter Thliveros fishes on a small "mystery" lake and has seven hours to unlock its secrets while we log everything he does to find and catch bass.