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Metal bait primer

Mar 4, 2008

Metal bass lures have been around for decades, yet a surprising number of Bassmasters have either never fished them, or have experimented with them only briefly and without success.

Smallmouth in murky water

Mar 4, 2008

Veteran smallmouth guides answer Don Wirth's questions about locating these fish.

Spawn-time smallmouth

Mar 4, 2008

Many bass anglers agree that smallmouth represent our sport's greatest challenge — their propensity for deep water and offshore structure makes these fighters notoriously hard to find and catch.

Tactics for high-pressure lakes

Mar 4, 2008

For many Bassmasters, competing in tournaments is what bass fishing is all about. Every angler with a competitive streak, whether he fishes against other members of his local bass club or on the pro circuit, dreams of scoring a great catch in a tournament and ending up in the winner's circle.

Weight Watchers

Feb 19, 2008

Perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of tackle selection is choosing the size of weight to use for soft plastics rigging. Here, a Classic champion offers a heavy dose of advice on the subject

A Day on the Lake Russ Lane: Midwinter

Jan 23, 2008

Welcome to Bassmaster's reality series! Here, we put top BASS pros on small lakes they've never seen before for seven hours, and then log everything they do to locate and catch bass.

Trophy Bronzebacks Of Elk Lake

Jan 10, 2008

Elk Lake, one of the largest inland lakes in northern Michigan, is an overlooked gem for trophy smallmouth.

Boat on Any Budget

Jan 3, 2008

You don't have to hit the lottery to finance a boat for bassin'. Here, we identify boats in your price range and what to expect from them

A Day on the Lake Byron Velvick

Nov 1, 2007

In this article, you can read how Byron Velvick unlocks the secrets of Lake G in Bassmaster's "A Day on the Lake."

A Day on the Lake Dave Wolak: Summer/Fall Transition

Aug 31, 2007

BASS tournaments are held on sprawling lakes over several days of competition. But did you ever wonder how a top pro would fare on your home lake that little body of water down the road where you and your buddies fish for bass? Welcome to Bassmaster's reality series. Here, we put the superstars of competitive bass fishing on small lakes they've never seen before, then give them seven hours to figure out a viable pattern, logging everything they do to find and catch bass.