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Anglers leaving Pool 4

Feb 22, 2012

More and more boats are disappearing from Pool 4 and heading north to the ramp. We've got reports from up there that there's a steady stream of boats showing up. Davy Hite left a while ago and nearly got hung up on his way out, but made it out OK. We're going to check around in the popular areas for stragglers then put it on the trailer.

Anglers getting sparse in Pool 4

Feb 22, 2012

Angler sightings are becoming more and more scarce. Davy Hite is now in the back of Sullivan's checking in on a spot that both Fletcher Shryock and Takahiro Omori have fished. Hite barreled through a stump-infested stretch of Sullivan's (most of it is), alarming Yerger. "I can't believe he made it through there," Yerger said. We're bouncing from stump to stump working our way back. The wind that was blowing 10-plus miles-per-hour this morning has subsided a bit and the sun's come out, which may pull the bass tighter to the many stumps.

A problem with a blessing

Feb 22, 2012

We've moved to the back of Sullivan's and there are six boats within a half mile of each other, and Browning, Takahio Omori and Kevin Wirth were all within a cast of each other not too long ago. All were throwing squarebill crankbaits. The blessing back here is also a problem; there are so many stumps and cypress trees that it's hard to pick out a good bunch. It's all about covering water, and there's plenty of it back here. More anglers are filing in; Josh Polfer just idled back here and there's another competitor on his heels. Stephen Browning said the area we caught him earlier was his best spot so far. He caught morefish there in 30 minutes than he caught in the rest of practice.

Sullivans is popular

Feb 22, 2012

Yerger and I have arrived in Sullivan's, and it's a popular place. Swindle, Vinson and others are here. This area is a big oxbow full of flats, stumps and ditches. It gets hammered year-round, but for good reason: it always produces. Swindle is pitching along the bank to some scattered grass while Vinson is across the way spewing mud and dirt into the air as he tries to free himself from a sandbar. The wraps on these boats will take a beating. Unfortunately, many of them are brand new. there's a consistent 10 mile-per-hour wind blowing through Sullivan's, which prompted Swindle to pick up a chartreuse spinnerbait, one of Yerger's favorite baits on the river. Swindle's really moving along, covering lots of water.

Browning is cranking

Feb 22, 2012

Browning is still cranking about an oxbow off of Pool 4, while we found Josh Polfer nearby playing with what we assume was a bedding bass. Polfer caught a small fish from the area, then hung around throwing a bright green wacky worm back into the bed. Yerger says that he's caught several 20-plus-pound winning stringers from the area Polfer is fishing. Apologies to Yerger for misspelling his name previously.

Salamander Sinkers’ tie-on drop shot weights

Feb 22, 2012

These are said to snag much less than lead sinkers (they’re also lead-free) and slide across and through anything that might be on the bottom.

Pool 4 seeing some big names

Feb 22, 2012

My boat driver and Red River stick Beaux Yearger and I are in Pool 4, roughly 25 minutes south of Lock 5. We saw 15 boats coming through this morning, most all of which were en route to Sullivan's and the other ponds off the Red. However, Kevin VanDam was creeping along at 57 MPH, making Yearger think he's saving gas to head to Pool 3. We caught up with Fletcher Shryock who is looking for a bite in the Wagon Wheel area. "I'm now hoping I don't get bit in here," he said. If he did, he'd have to consider the area. Fortunately, he didn't get a nibble and headed to Sullivan's. Stephen Browning is further down the river cranking in a backwater. The water temperature here is 55.8, but it's a lot clearer. Yearger expects fish to be pushing toward shallow water in anticipation for the spawn.

Punisher's Hail Mary football head

Feb 20, 2012

It’s a football head with a split ring on the end, which leaves the door wide open for customization.

Just Ducky’s Loop-end cord

Feb 15, 2012

If you want to keep your stuff from shifting as you tear across the lake or down the highway. Just Ducky has a whole bunch of tie downs and securing solutions to fit your needs.

Bass Fishing Hall of Fame to induct four

Feb 13, 2012

In what has become an annual event during Bassmaster Classic week, the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame will hold its annual induction banquet, honoring four pioneers in the sport.