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Laydowns top to bottom

Mar 4, 2008

Fallen trees provide all-important cover for fish and visible, identifiable targets for fishermen. Some, however, are better than others.

New water on home lakes

Mar 4, 2008

Most guides do know every inch of their home lake, but their always trying to find something new.

Product Review:

Mar 4, 2008

If Zell Rowland isn't fishing, he's busy developing and improving his craft by designing new lures.

Soft stickin' smallmouth

Mar 4, 2008

In this article, you can read about the best ways to use the newest soft plastic lures and how the fish like them so much.

Trailer hook tricks of the pros

Mar 4, 2008

Up against a wall

Mar 4, 2008

Few things are as intimidating to a bass angler as a reservoir ringed with high cliffs and deep water.

What bass eat

Aug 29, 2007

What's for dinner? If you are a largemouth, smallmouth or spotted bass, the answer might be easy: anything that doesn't try to eat you first. That's good to know if you like to catch bass because with so many food choices, finding a lure that works is sometimes as easy as choosing one that looks good to you.

New faces, going places

Jul 26, 2005

There are a lot of new names fishing the CITGO Bassmaster Classic this year. A few you may recognize, or not.