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James Niggemeyer: Carrying spares

May 7, 2010

In this article, read how Elite Series pro James Niggemeyer, rather than to be caught short, prepares a back-up for almost everything you can imagine.

James Niggemeyer: When to yo-yo a lipless crankbait

May 7, 2010

Elite Series pro James Niggemeyer believes it's important to recognize the superior ability of the lipless crankbait to be ready for the best bites. In this article, read his tips for success with the technique.

Jason Quinn: Big baits on top

May 7, 2010

Jason Quinn gives tips about topwater baits for summertime bass fishing. He points out where to find the bass and how they feed at this time of the year.

Jeff Kriet: Dissecting a dock pattern

May 7, 2010

Elite Series pro Jeff Kriet who lives close to the shores of Lake Texoma has expert at dock fishing. He shares his acquired knowledge of years of pinpointing productive dock patterns on southeast Oklahoma fisheries.

Jeff Kriet: Line maintenance

May 7, 2010

Angler Jeff Kriet, fanatical about maintaining his lines, reties after just about every fish. Read his tips for the variety of ways he keeps his line ready for the catch.

Jeff Kriet: Silent lipless cranking

May 7, 2010

Jeff Kriet explains how a good amount of vibration will entice heavily pressured bass to bite.

John Murray: The bubba shot

May 7, 2010

The 'bubba shot was refined on the California Delta when bass stopped reacting to traditional Texas-rigged baits, explains Elite Series pro John Murray. Read on as Murray details numerous applications for this technique.

Kevin Short: The art of deflection

May 7, 2010

Kevin Short's advice on when to use the square-billed crankbait.

The first fall cold front

May 7, 2010

The dreaded cold front nothing can take the shine off hopes for the next day's fishing like hearing the weatherman utter those words on the nightly news.

Michael Iaconelli: Planning

Mar 15, 2010

Michael Iaconelli cannot stress enough how important it is to have your A, B, and C plans prepared before you go fishing.