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Pete Ponds: Fishing Muddy Water

Nov 3, 2010

Pete Ponds explains dicusses the challenge of fishing muddy waters. As an Eite series pro, he has to make the most of the situation. Going back home isn't an option.

Pete Ponds: Success with smaller cranks

Nov 3, 2010

Elite Series pro Pete Ponds says a small crankbait is the perfect bait to run an aggressive postspawn pattern with. He says bite-sized,small-bodied crankbaits can be downright deadly under the right conditions.

Peter Thliveros: Staying deep during the prespawn

Nov 3, 2010

Fishing during prespawn can be equally compelling if you're looking for that fish of a lifetime. Peter Thliveros gives tips to anglers working deeper water for early spring bass.

Randy Howell: Fishing the fall wind

Nov 3, 2010

A good day on the pond in the summer is three or four nice bass. Randy Howell shows how the wind in the Fall makes a perfect recipe for a favorite fishing season.

Russ Lane: Flipping in clear water

Nov 3, 2010

Russ Lane uses a quiet approach when fishing in clear water, making long pitches that resullt in many bites. He explains how his flipping technique is effective in clear water.

Roumbanis: Wake Baits

Oct 27, 2010

Fred Roumbanis give tips on Fishing Wake Baits

Roumbanis: When practice hurts

Oct 27, 2010

Elite Series Pro Fred Roumbanis gives tips on how to not over practice.

Crews: Landing bass in heavy cover

Aug 10, 2010

John Crews gives tips on Landing bass in heavy cover.

Grigsby: Dissecting Cover

Jul 21, 2010

Shaw Grigsby give tips on Dissecting Cover .

Getting The Right Gear

May 7, 2010

Jason Quinn gives tips on Getting The Right Gear.