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Terry Butcher: Fishing the slop

Dec 16, 2010

When it comes to flipping and pitching, noted power fisherman Terry Butcher is a force to be reckoned with.

Tommy Biffle: Spinnerbaits in the fall

Dec 16, 2010

Tommy Biffle's go-to approach for fall involves a flippin' stick and a jig.

Shaw Grigsby: Spinning gear

Nov 24, 2010

Shaw Grigsby gives tips on overcoming the spinning gear stigma.

Greg Vinson: Fishing fast-falling water

Nov 15, 2010

Greg Vinson explains how when the water drops, shallow fish are likely to reposition themselves in deeper water close by. Chances are that you will find them in those secondary adjacent areas.

Monroe: The right lens color

Nov 15, 2010

To Elite Series pro Ish Monroe, lens selection is an extremely important component to success on the water.

Mark Tyler: Why certain spots replenish

Nov 3, 2010

Mark Tyler explains how to find the "magic spot" where the catch seems endless. He recommends looking fo something that is isolated with many special characteristics.

Marty Robinson: Weighted hooks

Nov 3, 2010

Elite Series pro Marty Robinson explains that weighted-bait hook techniques have been around for a while. He talks about how using them allows him to fish faster and cover more ground when the fish are aggressive.

Matt Reed: Go light to fish deep

Nov 3, 2010

Elite Series pro Matt Reed outlines scednarios where light bait is effective in the deep waters. Using a light bait can make all the difference in your day.

Matt Reed: Picking the right gear

Nov 3, 2010

To be consistent, Elite Series pro Matt Reed advocates using the same gear ratio for nearly every application. There are times however, when he will switch during the spring when flipping heavy cover or for cold weather winter fishing.

Pete Ponds: Culling strategy

Nov 3, 2010

Elite Series pro Pete Ponds explains the benefits of good culling strategy to save time and prevent errors during a tournament.