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Understanding baitfish movements

Jun 18, 2007

In this article, you can read how according to Robert Hamilton who won the 1992 Bassmaster Classic on Alabama's Logan Martin Lake, his Classic win was almost totally dependent on shad.

Dissecting bass waters

May 25, 2007

Tips on recognizing the changes in the water you're fishing, big or small, and how they will effect the fish.

Exploring ambush points

May 5, 2007

Ask any professional about crankbait technique and eventually, somewhere in the conversation, he will mention David Fritts. To them, and to anyone who is a follower of the BASS circuit, Fritts is the undisputed master of the technique.

Weekdays vs. weekends

Apr 25, 2007

Here's how to win the weekend water wars on busy bass lakes

Tactics for rocky reservoirs

Apr 16, 2007

In some reservoirs it's the predominant bass habitat. And when that is the case, sorting through the rockpiles, outcroppings, sheer bluffs and other geographical formations can be a perplexing proposition at best.

Bass under cover

Apr 13, 2007

Tips on finding bass under cover

Schedule your season

Apr 13, 2007

Anglers work on timing and perfect athletic execution to pick apart their adversary, targeting his weaknesses and taking advantage of every deficiency.

Striking moves

Feb 9, 2007

To find bass, find the baitfish. Everyone knows that rule.