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Chapman finds the 'juice'

Jun 9, 2012

Chapman starting quickly

Jun 9, 2012

Toledo Bend bass kicking butt

Jun 8, 2012

Toledo Bend playing out as part-comedy, part-tragedy, and all suspense for Elite Series anglers.

Bad practice turns into big Day One

Jun 7, 2012

Lack of bites for three days changed in big way Thursday.

A unique perspective of Toledo Bend

Jun 6, 2012

Dennis Tietje talks about watching his fellow Elite Anglers gear up for the Toledo Bend Battle.

Howell sprints to top of AOY race

May 8, 2012

Like the leap to the weigh-in stage that he made to join the other 12 finalists after Day Three of the St. Johns River Showdown, Randy Howell has now sprinted to the top of the Toyota Tundra Angler of the Year race.

He's Baa-ak

May 6, 2012

Neither one of us has ever seen anything like what Britt Myers is doing.

Grumpy Old Men

May 6, 2012

Britt Myers is beginning to irritate us two grumpy old men.

Finally! No. 4 for Myers

May 6, 2012

On stop No. 19 today, we caught back up with Myers

Running on empty

May 6, 2012

We had to leave Mr. Run & Gun, Britt Myers, because, as James Overstreet just said, "He done run our a** out of gas."