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Bass in the Deep Grass

Feb 15, 2008

Read how Charley Hartley, although not a psychic. seems to have extrasensory skills when it comes to finding bass.

10 Tips for Fishing Underwater Humps

Jan 29, 2008

Hump / noun: something that protrudes from a form; in physical geography, a low, rounded rise of ground; in bass fishing terms, an underwater island or section of a lake bottom that rises gradually, signified on topographical maps as contour lines that create a circle or oval shape.

10 Tips for Fishing Humps

Jan 18, 2008

10 pro anglers give tips on fishing underwater humps.

Seminole's Comeback

Jan 10, 2008

Lake Seminole seems like the place that time forgot.

Double Dippin' In North Carolina

Jan 10, 2008

America's Hottest Lake

Jan 10, 2008

One visit to Lake Amistad and you will find yourself thinking that there is no reason to travel to Mexico to experience blow-your-mind bass fishing.

Jeff Kriet's Smallmouth Strategies

Jan 3, 2008

This Elite Series pro has identified techniques that catch smallies from Lake Erie to Oklahoma

Strike Zone

Dec 13, 2007

Pro anglers explain how important the Strike Zone is and how important it is.

Strike Zone

Dec 4, 2007

The pros explain why it's so important to learn the 'strike zone'.

Pros Pointers: Stoning the fall migration

Nov 1, 2007

An understanding of the fall movements of bass and the proper approach to taking advantage of that predictability will pave the way to consistent success.