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Davy Hite: Angler of the Year

Mar 4, 2008

It was a brutally hot morning on Lake Eufaula, but Davy Hite hardly seemed to notice. The 2001-02 CITGO BASSMASTER Tour was winding down, and the personable South Carolina pro was putting the finishing touches on perhaps his most satisfying career achievement.

Fate of famed Florida lakes uncertain

Mar 4, 2008

Two of Florida's most famous big bass lakes are facing an uncertain future.

Logbooks for bass

Mar 4, 2008

Today, many successful fishermen take full advantage of current technology to efficiently record, organize and retrieve vital information that can pay big dividends in the present and future.

Pete Ponds goes wire-to-wire

Mar 4, 2008

Pete Ponds with the tri-fecta of the days, and finally bringing it home to win a Bassmaster Classic.

Sensitivity training

Mar 4, 2008

Roland Martin and a host of other pro anglers explain the importance of sensitivity to feeling while fishing.

Skipping, pitching and flipping docks

Mar 4, 2008

There is not just one-way to exploit a dock, a place where bass congregate and hide in plain sight.

Bass in the Deep Grass

Feb 15, 2008

Read how Charley Hartley, although not a psychic. seems to have extrasensory skills when it comes to finding bass.

10 Tips for Fishing Underwater Humps

Jan 29, 2008

Hump / noun: something that protrudes from a form; in physical geography, a low, rounded rise of ground; in bass fishing terms, an underwater island or section of a lake bottom that rises gradually, signified on topographical maps as contour lines that create a circle or oval shape.

10 Tips for Fishing Humps

Jan 18, 2008

10 pro anglers give tips on fishing underwater humps.

Seminole's Comeback

Jan 10, 2008

Lake Seminole seems like the place that time forgot.