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The Rock's Bass Trifecta

Jun 11, 2008

In this article, Stacey King talks about Table Rock Lake, a bass sanctuary that ranks among the very best mixed-bag fisheries in the country.

Top 10 Bass of All Time

May 30, 2008

When it comes to fish tales, there are none greater than these. Here are angling's most famous bass, and their stories

Amistad: America's Hottest Lake

Apr 4, 2008

One visit to Lake Amistad and you will find yourself thinking that there is no reason to travel to Mexico to experience blow-your-mind bass fishing.

2004 Bassmaster Classic: Patterns revealed

Mar 4, 2008

Adjusting to water movement. Adjusting to changing light conditions. Adjusting to an influx of muddy water. Adjusting to the unseen impact of spectator boat traffic. And more.

35 techniques you should know

Mar 4, 2008

At the recent CITGO Bassmaster Tour event presented by Busch at Georgia's Lake Seminole, winner Gary Klein was asked if he was surprised at the skill levels of the younger pros in the tournament.

A 'classic' opportunity for the weekend warrior

Mar 4, 2008

Trip Weldon was the typical weekend warrior BASS officials had in mind when they created The Bassmaster Series.

A look at pay lakes

Mar 4, 2008

Imagine a lake where you can catch 40 to 50 bass a day, with a good chance of tangling with a bragging-sized fish and not see another boat the entire day.

Advanced bass fishing

Mar 4, 2008

Kevin Wirth gives us tips on finding a strike zone, and how to adjust when the zone changes.

America's 35 most important bass waters

Mar 4, 2008

America's 35 most important bass waters that have figured prominently in the evolution of angling.

Beyond 'The Bachelor'

Mar 4, 2008

His friends talked him into going on The Bachelor, but Byron Velvick just wanted to get back on the water.