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2009 Bassmaster Classic: Media Day

Feb 19, 2009

Take a look at what media day looked like for the B.A.S.S. pros during the 2009 Bassmaster Classic. This Classic was held in Shreveport, La.

BOOYAH Bait Company Starts New Association With BASS as Official Sponsor

Feb 17, 2009

BASS, the worldwide leader in bass fishing, announced today that BOOYAH Bait Company has become an official sponsor. BOOYAH Bait Company, a longtime advertiser in BASS publications, will make their BOOYAH brand the official wire bait of BASS and its prestigious tournament structures and events.

Classic Countdown: 20

Feb 1, 2009

Going fishing could make you a millionaire. This article tells you how many millionaires are competing for the 2009 Bassmaster Angler of the Year award.

2009 Southern Open #1: Day Two, Weigh-in

Jan 30, 2009

In this photo gallery, you'll find weigh-in images from Day Two of the 2009 Southern Open #1 on the Harris Chain of Lakes, near Tavares, Florida.

Terry Scroggins

Dec 9, 2008

Terry Scroggins' story about the event winning bass that got away.

Part 1 of 2How to Save GAS While Towing

Oct 20, 2008

As gasoline prices top $4 per gallon, all of us in Bassville are singing the Fuel Burnin' Blues. While it's hard to keep a bass fisherman down, fuel costs are a definite pain in the pocketbook and, no doubt, they have put millions of budget-conscious anglers on a shorter leash.

2008 Bassmaster Southern Open #3: Guntersville

Oct 18, 2008

When one of the greatest anglers is on the line offering thanks, you listen more than talk.

Battleship Bass Boats

Oct 17, 2008

Listen to the pros talk about the importance of having top of the line bass boats.


Oct 17, 2008

The Bassmaster professionals talk about the friendship that comes along with touring.


Oct 17, 2008

With most sports there are superstitions, and fishing is no different. The pros talk about their personal superstitions.