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Living A Dream

Feb 24, 2007

As Alton Jones was being driven to the ESPN headquarters at 6 a.m. Monday, he was still trying to gr

2006 Major - American: VanDam

Dec 29, 2006

After one day it's apparent the competition for those top-12 spots will be fierce. With 55 fishermen

Tough day on Lake Wylie

Dec 29, 2006

Day Two of the 2006 Bassmaster American at Lake Wylie has Timmy Horton at the top of the leaderboard

2006 Major - American: Wolak

Dec 29, 2006

If Wolak maintains his lead in today's finale of the Bassmaster American, he will be the first angle

Super Six Set

Dec 29, 2006

The field has been trimmed to 6 at the Bassmaster American on Lake Wylie with Dave Wolak in the lead

2006 Major - Legends: Wurm

Dec 29, 2006

"The only home field advantage I see right now is I won't get lost. I know where all the places are,

2006 Major - Legends: KevinVanDam

Dec 29, 2006

"It's one of the first ones I've made in a real long time," said VanDam. "It cost me a really good f

Scott Rook's home court advantage

Dec 29, 2006

Scott Rook can literally see his house from where he's fishing at the Legends.

Iaconelli learns a lesson

Dec 29, 2006

No two days are alike in the world of bass fishing, as Michael Iaconelli has shown us at the 2006 Ma

VanDam's cookies

Dec 29, 2006

Kevin VanDam's cookies have proven themselves to be lucky charms.