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Clouding our waters

Nov 10, 2008

Coast to coast, algae blooms are on the increase. Possibly they are related to climate change, specifically to warmer worldwide temperatures.

The dirty politics of development

Nov 10, 2008

For decades developers have continued to overbuild central and southern Florida, showing no concern for a limited water supply. They did so because they knew that their political allies would assist them when the wells ran dry

'Blue-Green Godzilla'

Nov 10, 2008

Algae's long-term impact on the fishery remains unknown, but biologists fear the worst


Nov 10, 2008

The good and the bad new of biofuels

Burning Ethanol

Nov 10, 2008

Byproduct of this corn-based alternative fuel threatens to increase pollution of fisheries

Anglers pay

Nov 10, 2008

Your purchase of fishing tackle and motorboat fuel last year generated roughly $398 million for fisheries management programs nationwide.

Battle over a river heats up

Nov 5, 2008

Despite drought, opposition and even U.S. Supreme Court intervention, some North Carolina officials remain intent on taking water away from the Catawba River system to allow continued growth in Kannapolis and Concord, cities outside the basin.

Water fast becoming scarce way out West

Nov 5, 2008

As drought moderated a bit in portions of the southeastern U.S. this spring, it intensified in the West. By early June, all of California and Nevada were experiencing abnormally dry weather with substantial areas suffering moderate to severe drought.

The struggle at Okeechobee

Sep 3, 2008

The once-booming recreational bass fishing economy continues to suffer

Dire and drier prediction

Aug 27, 2008

California residents to conserve water in the face of diminished supply from snow pack in the Sierras, researchers issued a dire forecast for the long-term future