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Flashback: Kerchal's Classic win

May 2, 2007

Bryan Kerchal's Bassmaster Classic win story

Butcher Blocks

Apr 28, 2007

Terry Butcher retains first, leads tightly packed finalists after top-12 cut

Behind the storm

Apr 28, 2007

While other anglers laud 'ideal' conditions, Clunn rues 'paranoid' fear of storms

2007 Elite Series - Pride of Georgia: Day Two notes

Apr 20, 2007

Brian Hugdins said: "I had a seven pounder and a six pounder next to the boat today, but when I reached down to get them, they spit the bait."

Superline Niches

Apr 16, 2007

Savvy anglers realize that using one line for all bass fishing applications is a huge mistake. Find out what techniques are best served with this new breed of string.

Schedule your season

Apr 13, 2007

Anglers work on timing and perfect athletic execution to pick apart their adversary, targeting his weaknesses and taking advantage of every deficiency.

Cranking timber with Marty Stone

Apr 9, 2007

In winning the 1990 Bassmaster Classic, Rick Clunn dispelled a myth that lipped baits and their trailing, sharp set of treble hooks aren't effective when fished through heavy timber.

Drought in the Delta

Mar 25, 2007

Day One of the 2007 Elite Series Duel in the Delta has Mark Tyler catching a 10-6 bass and in the lead.

Cranking the spring

Mar 7, 2007

Warm weather means most anglers trade in their crankbaits for soft plastics.

Bubble Boys

Feb 25, 2007

Saturday brings the Classic's cruelest cut. But those who barely miss it do not bleed