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Clunn's Classic conundrum

Feb 20, 2009

In February, Rick Clunn will be on the Red River fishing in his 32nd Bassmaster Classic.

2009 Bassmaster Classic: Media Day

Feb 19, 2009

Take a look at what media day looked like for the B.A.S.S. pros during the 2009 Bassmaster Classic. This Classic was held in Shreveport, La.

Classic Countdown: 2

Feb 19, 2009

If you're a serious Bassmaster Classic fan, you probably know that the oldest angler ever to win the Classic was Woo Daves, who was 54 years, 2 months and 28 days old when he won the 2000 championship on Lake Michigan.

2009 Bassmaster Classic: Registration, Part 2

Feb 18, 2009

In this photo gallery, you'll find images of the anglers as they complete the registration process for the 2009 Bassmaster Classic on the Red River, near Shreveport, Louisiana.

River of zen

Feb 18, 2009

In this article you will read about the bassmaster classic and the Red River.

Class(ic) registration

Feb 17, 2009

The bassmaster classic registration.

Classic Countdown: 4

Feb 17, 2009

In this article, you can discover the importance of the number four in Classic History.

Classic cash

Feb 17, 2009

In this article you will read about how far can a Classic victory take an angler's career.

Butterfly Net

Feb 16, 2009

When the official Classic pre-practice is over, you need a butterfly net to keep your stomach in your shirt. If you didn't, you would need to just hang it up. The anticipation is continuing to build. From Rick Clunn (although he may not readily admit it) to an Open rookie, everyone feels it. After all the time preparing, now it is time for the big show.

Classic Countdown: 7

Feb 14, 2009

Read how the number 7 factors into Bassmaster Classic history and in this year's Classic.