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Day 1 on Louisiana's Red River

Apr 24, 2014

B.A.S.S. photographer James Overstreet catches up with Opens anglers on Day 1 of the Bass Pro Shops Central Open #2 presented by Allstate.

Mike McClelland on target

Apr 24, 2014

It's Mike McClelland's chance to bust the "Egg of Injustice".

On the Red River with Mike McClelland

Apr 24, 2014

Mike McClelland is fresh off an Elite Series win a few weeks ago.

Opens anglers look to red-hot competition in Louisiana

Apr 24, 2014

Roily, muddy, full of prop-eating backwater stumps and always challenging: That’s what Bassmaster Elite Series pro Stephen Browning loves about the Red River.

On Mike McClelland

Apr 16, 2014

Every now and again I like to use this column to talk about one of the other anglers fishing the Elite Series. This week we’re going to take a look at Mike McClelland.

Crawfish don't jump up and down, says McClelland

Apr 15, 2014

During a B.A.S.S. Twitter chat, Mike McClelland told fans to keep a jig on the bottom as much as possible.

‘Losing it’ with Mark Davis

Apr 14, 2014

This may be sacrilegious for a writer to declare but this year I’m working diligently to remove certain words from my vocabulary. Specifically, I’m trying to limit the use of “lost,” “loser” and “losing” from my articles.

LIvewell talks to McClelland about his big win

Apr 10, 2014

Dave Mercer talks to Mike McClelland about his big win at Table Rock Lake.

Top Table Rock baits

Apr 10, 2014

Find out which bass baits performed best on Table Rock Lake in prespawn conditions.

Marshal update: McClelland's winning bass

Apr 9, 2014

Elite Series Marshal Lance Roe got a front row seat to the action on Mike McClelland's boat during his winning performance on Table Rock Lake.