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Daily Limit: A-Mart in control

Aug 13, 2015

Day 1 recap of the Huk Performance Fishing Bassmaster Elite at Chesapeake Bay

Day 1 on Chesapeake Bay

Aug 13, 2015

See the pros get started early on Day 1 of the Huk Performance Fishing Bassmaster Elite at Chesapeake Bay.

The Circle of Life

Aug 13, 2015

Ike: The fishing's been awesome!

Aug 10, 2015

Summer smallies fight harder than any other bass, all the way to the boat and then some in most cases. Catch a big one and you know you have a tussle on your hands.

Ike: Tying a Snell Knot

Aug 6, 2015

Elite pro Mike Iaconelli shows us how to tie a Snell Knot.

A day with Ike

Aug 4, 2015

Marshal Rick Winters shows what it's like to spend a day with Michael Iaconelli on the St Lawrence River.

Ike: The future of our sport, part 3

Aug 4, 2015

There is a natural pool of advertisers that could put money into our sport that, as of right now, remains largely untapped.

Day 4 behind the scenes

Aug 2, 2015

Behind the scenes of the Day 4 weigh-in in Waddington.

Ike started with a flurry

Aug 2, 2015

E2 has W2 in sight

Aug 1, 2015

Edwin Evers' lead shrunk but he remains in the driver's seat to win on the St. Lawrence and become the first back-to-back winner on the Elite Series.