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2010 Elite Series Golden State Shootout - Day One - Launch

Mar 18, 2010

In this photo gallery of the 2010 Elite Series Golden State Shootout, watch the anglers gather around the docks for the take-off. Boats cluster up as anglers adjust their equipment, getting ready for the competition.

2010 Elite Series Duel In The Delta - Day Two - Launch

Mar 12, 2010

2010 Elite series photo gallery of the Duel in the Delta day two launch.

When the time is right

Mar 3, 2010

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Marty Stone talks about how when the time and place are right, using the California rig will catch fish and make you some money.

2010 Bassmaster Classic: Elite Series Picks

Feb 17, 2010

In this photo gallery, you'll find images of several Elite Series anglers who name their picks to perform well in the 2010 Bassmaster Classic on Lay Lake near Birmingham, Alabama.

Hackney: Bow hunts to purge system

Jan 26, 2010

Elite Series pro Greg Hackney goes hunting after a long fishing season.

The Frugal Angler with Marty Stone

Jan 22, 2010

Marty Stone gives us tips on how to get better gas mileage with your tow vehicle and more.


Oct 7, 2009

The dynamic under the water is changing as fast as the leaves above. Baitfish are now at the top of the bass' menu, so you'd be wise to throw a bait to match.

The Finesse Way, Part 2 of 4

Sep 1, 2009

Elite Series Angler Marty Stone shares his tips on finesse drop shot rigs.

Accidental blessing

Aug 26, 2009

The Bassmaster anglers pulled together to save one of their Marshall's life after a devastating accident at the Genuity River Rumble.

2009 Northern Open: Lake Champlain Day Three Weigh-In

Aug 22, 2009

In this photo gallery you will see images of the 2009 Northern open on Lake Champlain in New York State. You will see the third day weigh in.