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Suspended Bass

Feb 19, 2008

Welcome to an untapped supply of bass in open water away from shoreline, structure and the maddening crowd

Menendez follows the bait in fall

Jan 22, 2008

Nearly all of bass' movements in the late fall are related to forage, most notably shad. They change locales as the bait moves around the lake. Kentucky pro Mark Menendez has a system that keeps him in fish all day long, regardless of the conditions.

The Drought of 2007

Nov 27, 2007

Mark Menendez keys in on how to fish for bass during a drought.

Ins and Outs

Sep 18, 2007

Mark Menendez might want to start checking eBay for a deal on a Rolex for Terry Scroggins.

Superdeep Jigging

Aug 20, 2007

Some of the pros tips on superdeep jigging.

2007 Elite Series - Empire Chase: Saturday notes

Jul 21, 2007

Several anglers who stumbled on Day One of the Empire Chase enjoyed revivals on the second and final day before the top 12 cut.

Peter T. aiming for victory

May 7, 2007

Major #1: Bassmaster Memorial, Benbrook Lake Day Three

Breaking down Super Six

May 7, 2007

Pros tell what it will take to win the Bassmaster Memorial

2 questions with the pros

May 7, 2007

Texas Major anglers tell what they think will transpire today

Three final questions

May 7, 2007

Major anglers tell where they fished and what they learned