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The Charles H. Kirbo Regional Center

Oct 21, 2015

Shryock's Seminole strategy

Oct 21, 2015

Shryock gets ready for Seminole

Oct 21, 2015

Southern Open: Vu Au's American dream

Oct 20, 2015

Currently at 14th place in the Southern Opens standings for 2015, Vu Au is a 32-year-old Opens angler on pace to achieve his personal American dream.

Southern Open: Lawyer Loughran courts bass

Oct 19, 2015

No one is safe from being smitten by the bass tournament bug, including a civil litigations lawyer in Virginia.

Southern Open: Canterbury aims for long shot

Oct 18, 2015

Alabama angler Scott Canterbury hopes to reach the Bassmaster Classic via the Bassmaster Opens’ 'win and you’re in' stipulation.

Central Open: Luke Clausen home again

Sep 28, 2015

Luke Clausen is only 36 years old, but you get the sense he has been a blue-chip bass pro as long as some of the grizzled legends of our sport.

Northern Open: Baksay's unending bass passion

Sep 24, 2015

Connecticut’s Terry Baksay competed in his first Bassmaster tournament, the Hudson River Invitational, in 1984. He was 25 years old then and hopelessly hooked on bass fishing.

Northern Open: Doggedly determined Patrick Pierce

Sep 23, 2015

In 2007, Patrick Pierce was able to sign on to fish the Southern and Central Bassmaster Opens. He added the Northern Opens starting in 2013.

Opens angler profile: Advantage Avena

Sep 22, 2015

Adrian 'Jersey Boy' Avena grew up saltwater fishing in southern New Jersey, but it wasn’t until the summer before his college freshman year that he tried fishing without live bait.