More on Kevin Wirth

Wirth is fishing cypress trees

Feb 26, 2012

We're headed into Sullivan's to find Chris Lane. Kevin Wirth is on the far outside fishing cypress trees -- the staging areas he'd told us he planned to focus on today.

Action near the take-off

Feb 26, 2012

Over 100 spectators are currently watching Kevin Wirth and Stephen Browning fishing the mouth of a small backwater near the take-off.

Kevin Wirth not sure about chances

Feb 26, 2012

Kevin Wirth, 11 pounds off the lead, isn't sure he has a realistic chance of making a charge at victory, but he's going to switch things up today to try to bust a big bag.

Classic Day Two Weigh-in

Feb 26, 2012

Images of the Day Two weigh-in from the 2012 Bassmaster Classic.

Jones and Hite only 15 feet apart

Feb 24, 2012

Jones and Hite are slowly winding their way through the backwater -- 15 feet apart.

Catching up with Hite and Wirth

Feb 24, 2012

Could this turn into another Beeswax or Catouatche or is it just a quick stopping point to nab some bonus fish early?

’Twas the night before Classic

Feb 23, 2012

On the eve of competing in the high-stakes, pressure-cooker Bassmaster Classic, how does an angler keep his cool? What does he do?

2012 Classic: Practice on the Red River IV

Feb 22, 2012

See more images from the Red River as the Classic competitors hope the final day of practice makes perfect.

The gang's all here

Feb 21, 2012

The 49 anglers go through the rigmarole of registering and going over rules for the 42nd Bassmaster Classic.

Toughest Classic field ever!

Jan 13, 2012

I’ve been doing a little Bassmaster Classic reconnaissance while healing from hernia surgery.