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How Skeet it is

Feb 23, 2009

Once a 2009 Classic bridesmaid, Reese overtakes Iaconelli for first crown

Federation redemption at Classic

Feb 22, 2009

Schmidt breaks into the top six on the Red River at 2009

Close hurts at 2009 Classic

Feb 22, 2009

Losing the 2009 Classic by less than a pound stings Michael Iaconelli

A chocolate crawdad

Feb 22, 2009

A chocolate crawdad and five more to tie at the 2009 Classic

Circliing 'The Jungle'

Feb 22, 2009

Team members dance around each other in the 2009 Bassmaster Classic


Feb 22, 2009

When Alton Jones motored back into Lake Hartwell's Portman Marina, he was pretty sure he didn't have enough fish weight in his livewell to win the Bassmaster Classic.

Roughing it out on the Red

Feb 22, 2009

It's been well-publicized that the backwater areas of the Red River are where the winning bag will come from, and also that they can be hazardous to boat and angler.

Expo Elites

Feb 22, 2009

At the Outdoor Expo, pros proffer their 2009 Classic prognostications

Splitting the spot

Feb 22, 2009

Can 2009 Classic leader Fralick really share his water with both Snowden and Ashley?

The winners circling

Feb 22, 2009

Behind the Day Two leaders are three former Classic champs with nothing to lose