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Poche stalks elusive bass

Feb 25, 2012

Keith Poche spent 10 minutes on a bed fish midway toward the back of his area.

Elusive monster bass gets a rest

Feb 25, 2012

After Keith Poche lost a nice bed fish for the second time in the past hour, he and Davy Hite swappe

California clear

Feb 25, 2012

I've jumped on the camera boat to get a video update with Poche. Once you get back in that pocket, i

Cold, crowded Day Two launch

Feb 25, 2012

Fans, friends and family crowded the Red River Marina for the Day Two launch of the Bassmaster Class

Shootout on the Red River

Feb 25, 2012

Last year on Pickwick, both Keith Poche and Davy Hite had the opportunity to win going into the fina

In pursuit of Poche

Feb 25, 2012

Now, we are on a wild-goose chase for Keith Poche. We hear he has camped at the back of a small pond

Day One Quotable

Feb 25, 2012

Best lines overheard on Day One of the 2012 Classic.

Hunter vs. hunted

Feb 25, 2012

One ounce separates Keith Poche and Greg Vinson atop the Bassmaster Classic leaderboard. It's the sl

Well rested Poche ready for Day Two

Feb 25, 2012

Keith Poche said he slept well last night. He's going back to the area he camped on all day yesterda

Day One Behind The Scenes

Feb 24, 2012

Check out images from behind the scenes of Day One of the 2012 Bassmaster Classic on the Red River.