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Hanging out at the service yard

Mar 8, 2011

Just bought this little pocket camera thing, like $79 bucks on Amazon, supposed to have 14 Gizallion Mega Picture taking things inside, so I thought I would take it out for a test shoot.

2011 Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo

Feb 19, 2011

This album features photos from the 2011 Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo.

Forget the Ones that Got Away

Jan 21, 2011

Forgetting the Ones that Got Away

Roumbanis: Fishing in a Crowd

Jan 21, 2011

As more and more people become initiated into the pure passion and enjoyment the pursuit of America's No. 1 sportfish brings, our favorite bass waters begin to quickly show the effects.

Roumbanis: Learning from Each Bite

Jan 21, 2011

Not many of us weekend anglers pay very much attention to how a bass is hooked. We land it, admire it and let it go.

Roumbanis: Prowling Ponds

Oct 27, 2010

Fred Roumbanis gives tips on Prowling Ponds for Progress.

Roumbanis: The color of crawfish

Oct 27, 2010

Elite Series pro Fred Roumbanis, who says that early season success can hinge on picking the right hue of crawfish-imitating lures.

Roumbanis: Wake Baits

Oct 27, 2010

Fred Roumbanis give tips on Fishing Wake Baits

Roumbanis: When practice hurts

Oct 27, 2010

Elite Series Pro Fred Roumbanis gives tips on how to not over practice.

Topwater Two-Step

Sep 7, 2010

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Fred Roumbanis gives points on topwater fishing and when to walk and when to pop. It is a question of quality versus quantity.