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Photo Gallery: Chapman Redux

Jun 8, 2012

Barone grateful to punch in

Jun 7, 2012

B.A.S.S. writer Don Barone punched in as he stood on a dock above the sweet water of Toledo Bend for the Day One launch of the Toledo Bend Battle.

Failure is the ONLY option

Jun 7, 2012

According to B.A.S.S. writer Don Barone, Elite Series pro Britt Myers is a scrappy angler, one who truly believes that failure is not an option even in the face of failure...

Photo gallery: Failure is not an option

Jun 5, 2012

Elite Series pro Britt Myers turned around his dismal season opening 99th place finish with two 2nd place finishes.

Red Cape, Blue Collar

May 31, 2012

Childhood dreams never leave you. Least they have never left me.

Photo Gallery: Red Cape, Blue Collar

May 31, 2012

Childhood dreams, never leave you. Least, they have never left me.

db tackling own storm

May 25, 2012

Jerry McKinnis tells how Don Barone joined the B.A.S.S. family and how he's tackling his own storm now with cancer.

Grumpy Old Men: E.R.

May 3, 2012

When I see my two roommates, Elite anglers Paul Elias and Shaw Grigsby, move gingerly in the morning, grunt and oh and ah with stabs of pain, I know the feeling.

KVD vs. db: Bowling battle

May 1, 2012

Kevin VanDam and Don Barone compete in a series of off-the-water match-ups. Event one is a bowling battle…db's first pitch to Babe Ruth.

db vs KVD: Bowling Battle

Apr 30, 2012

Don Barone has challenged Kevin VanDam to a series of match-ups off the water. First up, bowling