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Winning Profiles - Endurance

Feb 10, 2009

The Bassmaster pros talk about how important physical fitness is to an angler.

Classic Countdown: 20

Feb 1, 2009

Going fishing could make you a millionaire. This article tells you how many millionaires are competing for the 2009 Bassmaster Angler of the Year award.

Classic Countdown

Jan 23, 2009

29 is not a number on anyone's uniform and it's not the number of consecutive wins or competitions. It is the record setting one day weight back in the 5-bass limit era, brought in by Luke Clausen.

An Industry Diagnosis

Jan 23, 2009

I just returned from the boat show at Richmond and was it ever an uplifting experience. The crowds were good and the interest in competitive fishing was high. I think that says something about our sport.

A Look Back

Jan 5, 2009

A look back at the events, in the world of bass fishing, of 2008.

Greg Hackney

Dec 9, 2008

Greg Hackney's fish that got away cost him the AOY award and much more.

Lunker Lessons from Lake Guntersville

Oct 21, 2008

In this article you will read about the tricks to lunker fishing.

2008 Bassmaster Southern Open #3: Guntersville

Oct 17, 2008

Herren said he's flipping to a "big grass mat," and throwing a frog, spinnerbait and buzzbait.

2008 Bassmaster Central Open #2: Kentucky Lake

Oct 1, 2008

"The coffee scent was critical to my success. The fish didn't hold on to the lure very long. They seemed to like the coffee taste and held it just a moment longer than other plastics. That gave me the time I needed to set the hook."

Day on the Lake - Toledo Bend II

Sep 18, 2008

Follow B.A.S.S. pro Dean Rojas while fishing Toledo Bend, Louisiana.