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Back Hooks

Sep 18, 2008

Whether you are trying to keep your bait from snagging or keep a hooked bass from throwing your crank, these baits may just be worth a try

Shallow Crankin'

Sep 18, 2008

Here's why pros are replacing spinnerbaits with the ATVs of crankin' plugs

Crankin' Secrets

Sep 8, 2008

Tips on shallow cranking

Cranking throughout the spring

Mar 4, 2008

Sensitivity training

Mar 4, 2008

Roland Martin and a host of other pro anglers explain the importance of sensitivity to feeling while fishing.

Seminole's Comeback

Jan 10, 2008

Lake Seminole seems like the place that time forgot.

As the Wurm turns

Sep 21, 2007

Take your fishing to a deeper level

Exploring ambush points

May 5, 2007

Ask any professional about crankbait technique and eventually, somewhere in the conversation, he will mention David Fritts. To them, and to anyone who is a follower of the BASS circuit, Fritts is the undisputed master of the technique.

Flashback: Kerchal's Classic win

May 2, 2007

Bryan Kerchal's Bassmaster Classic win story

Is fast start in Classic a good thing?

Feb 22, 2007

In this article, you can read how the increased spectator traffic during the Bassmaster Classic has created two schools of thought on the importance of getting off to a fast start.