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Theme songs of the 2014 Elites

Mar 28, 2014

Elite anglers pick their own music to play when going on stage. Find out what music blasts when your favorite angler steps up!

Chris Lane's 5 fave big bass techniques

Mar 27, 2014

Find out how this big-bass guru targets the heavy mommas.

Random thoughts after the St. Johns River

Mar 26, 2014

The first two Elite events are in the bag. They were good ones, too.

On the passing of Donna Menendez

Mar 25, 2014

Holly and I just learned about the passing of Donna Menendez.

Slo mo highlights from the St. Johns River

Mar 24, 2014

We s-l-o-w it down in this video that captures the Day 3 action from the Bassmaster Elite at the St. Johns River.

Strong bets and letdowns in Fantasy

Mar 24, 2014

Chris Lane and Mark Davis did great work for their Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing owners. Edwin Evers and Shaw Grigsby were overrated by their fans.

There's no passing Lane

Mar 23, 2014

For Florida native Chris Lane, the win in Palatka, Fla., was like coming home for the victory parade.

Chris Lane wins at St. Johns River

Mar 23, 2014

Nice catch, Chris Lane!

Mar 23, 2014

Chris Lane catches a 4-pounder on the final day on St. John's.

Day 4 with Lane

Mar 23, 2014

Follow Chris Lane as he tackles the fourth and final day of the Bassmaster Elite on the St. Johns River.