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Chad Griffin: Fishing grass flats

Mar 10, 2008

When Chad Griffin seemingly came from nowhere to claim his first Elite Series victory on New York's Oneida Lake, many fans wondered how a rookie could topple the biggest names in the sport on a body of water he had never seen before.

Chad Griffin: Sink and float — fluorocarbon with topwaters

Mar 10, 2008

While fluorocarbon is relatively new to bass fishing, any serious bass angler worth his salt knows that topwaters and fluorocarbon don't mix.

Chad Griffin: The right grass jig

Mar 10, 2008

Read how at the 2009 Elite Series final, Chad Griffin complemented a topwater popper with a grass jig of his own making and won the tournament.

The right jig for rock and wood

Mar 10, 2008

In this article, you can read Chad Griffin's description of the subtleties that make a difference when pitching jigs around rock and wood.