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A run at the Rumble

Jun 20, 2013

First to weigh and in first place, Brandon Palaniuk is "doing something a little bit different" than the other pros.

Lots of catches, but the wrong size

Jun 20, 2013

Elite anglers struggle with weeding through the small bites to find the ones that will win for them.

Day One behind the scenes

Jun 20, 2013

Backstage and in action, the Elites show off their catches from the Mississippi.

Day One on the water II

Jun 20, 2013

No pro seemed empty-handed today on the Mississippi River, at least not in front of our photographers.

Day One on the water I

Jun 20, 2013

The pros were catching 'em early today on the Mississippi River!

Palaniuk adds another

Jun 20, 2013

Registration at the River Rumble

Jun 19, 2013

James River in the rearview

Jun 19, 2013

Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Open angler Mark Hicks takes a look back at the James River competition.

Inside Palaniuk's Toyota

Jun 19, 2013

Elite Series pro Brandon Palaniuk shows us how he travels the tournament trail.

Learning to hit big league pitching at the Opens

Jun 18, 2013

It’s rare these days that I have three hours free on a Saturday afternoon, or even the same amount of time on a random weeknight, but when I do I like to settle in on the couch and watch a Major League Baseball game.