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Classic Countdown: 39

Jan 18, 2009

Classic Countdown, 39 Days until the 39th. Bassmaster Classic, need we say more?

Classic Countdown: 38

Jan 18, 2009

38 is the magic number for many of the anglers who have won the Bassmaster Classic, age-wise.

Classic I

Jan 14, 2009

Arkansas' Bobby Murray won the first ever Bassmaster Classic in 1971 held in Nevada.

'A giant step'

Nov 19, 2008

man who won that first Classic, Bobby Murray, remembers the weigh-in taking place on the roof of a floating dock on Lake Mead a lake that none of the competitors had fished before, nor knew, until they were in the air en route, that they were going to fish at all.

Rick Clunn: The greatest

Aug 13, 2008

Rick Clunn advises to never underestimate the angler's that you're fishing against.

Clunn Routs Field at 1984 Classic

Jun 30, 2008

By 1984 Rick Clunn was no stranger to Bassmaster Classic success.

Events that Changed Bass Fishing

May 30, 2008

Here is a what's-what list of how bass fishing has evolved since the inception of BASS

Clunn's first step toward immortality

Apr 28, 2008

Rick Clunn's life on the water.

Classic I

Feb 8, 2007

Classic I Oct. 20-22, 1971

Classic has earned its name

Feb 1, 2007

After 36 years, Bassmaster Classic has earned its name and its spotlight