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Lowen and Walker go head to head

Feb 25, 2012

Both Bill Lowen and David Walker have started Day One of the Bassmaster Classic in the same little backwater area.

Wind makes for long day

Feb 24, 2012

With a north wind blowing strong prior to Friday’s Day One takeoff of the Bassmaster Classic, the fish-catching prospects weren’t great.

Windy start

Feb 24, 2012

Here at Red River South the wind is howling but the pros don't seem concerned.

Waiting for launch

Feb 22, 2012

We have a murderer's row of river rats lined up on one side of the dock here at Red River South -- Greg Hackney, Stephen Browning and Bill Lowen. That's a lot of shallow water bass fishing expertise in a confined area.

No time on the water

Feb 21, 2012

Activities Tuesday for the 49 Classic qualifiers ranged from Keith Poche getting down on his knees and praying to a number of anglers just spending time with their kids.

The gang's all here

Feb 21, 2012

The 49 anglers go through the rigmarole of registering and going over rules for the 42nd Bassmaster Classic.

New deals for Elite anglers

Feb 21, 2012

Several Bassmaster Elite Series pros have announced new sponsorships and associations for 2012.

‘Like’ Bill Lowen

Feb 21, 2012

Bill Lowen is asking fans to ‘like’ his Facebook page for a chance to win a Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter and a limited-edition Flambeau duck call.

Classic anglers visit VA center in Shreveport

Feb 20, 2012

With the Bassmaster Classic just around the corner, 15 of the world championship competitors joined forces to visit the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center in Shreveport, La.

Lowen looking forward to some R&R

Feb 19, 2012

For Bill Lowen, the practice period has been rough physically. 'I’m sunburned, wind-burned, rain-burned, you name it.'