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DeFoe and Andy Montgomery within casting distance

Aug 24, 2013

Montgomery with a keeper

Aug 22, 2013

DeFoe, Lane and Montgomery share water

Aug 22, 2013

Day Three weigh-in

Aug 10, 2013

See which pros made the Top 12 cut on the St. Lawrence River!

Elite: Day One weigh-in

Aug 8, 2013

See what the pros found on the first day of the Evan Williams Bourbon Showdown!

Montgomery culls as weigh-in approaches

Jun 21, 2013

Klein weathering storms in La Crosse

Jun 21, 2013

Gary Klein is having the sort of season that should allow him to qualify for a remarkable 30th Bassmaster Classic.

Montgomery looking to cull

Jun 21, 2013

Montgomery with three in the box

Jun 21, 2013

Theme songs of the 2013 Elites

Jun 5, 2013

Find out what music blasts when your favorite angler takes the stage.