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Veterans Day

Nov 11, 2011

Veterans Day is a very emotional time for me and to my family. It takes me back to moments my family and I will never forget.

Deflecting rocks

Nov 1, 2011

When I think of reaction strikes, especially in the fall, I think of rocks. I don’t just think about them, I dream about deflecting a crankbait off rocks.

Ripping traps in grass

Oct 20, 2011

If you have ever been to Toledo Bend or Sam Rayburn from about September to March you know one of the primary tactics is ripping a lipless crankbait through the grass.

Deep water football jigs

Oct 6, 2011

I get a lot of questions about what my favorite technique in bass fishing is; my reply is always deep water football jigs.

Fall on top

Sep 27, 2011

Fall fishing means it's topwater time, and here are some of my favorite baits.

Dream bigger

Sep 21, 2011

Dream bigger because more than likely you will accomplish your original dream that much easier.

Know-it-all to learning sponge

Sep 13, 2011

If I learned one thing from Mercury College B.A.S.S., it's that I don't know everything.

Classic always on my mind

Sep 6, 2011

Since securing a berth on July 10, Andrew Upshaw has had one thing on his mind: the Bassmaster Classic.

Do what you love

Aug 30, 2011

It can be tough finding a job that allows you freedom to take time off to fish.

2012 Elite schedule set

Aug 30, 2011

It’s the seventh year for the Elite Series competitive bass fishing circuit, and with it comes seven premium venues for the world’s top professional anglers ... plus one “Mystery Lake.”