Bobby Lane

"When you're practicing for long days and spending long nights preparing your gear, sometimes it's tough to find the intensity you want to start the next day on the water. That's where 5-hour ENERGY® comes in. Without making or looking for coffee, I'm energized and ready to get after 'em."

— Bobby Lane

Jonathon VanDam

"Whether you're young or old, sometimes you need a boost to help maintain your focus on the water. 5-hour ENERGY® gives me that quickly and easily and without any sugar crash afterward. It's my go-to edge in tournaments."

— Jonathon VanDam

Bernie Schultz

"I rely on 5-hour ENERGY® to get me through the day. It works and is super convenient. Since it doesn't require refrigeration, I can stow it anywhere."

— Bernie Schultz

Keith Poche

"The line between success and failure on the water can be really thin. 5-hour ENERGY® helps give me the clear, alert feeling I need to put every bite in the boat, even when it’s hot or cold or at the end of the day."

— Keith Poche

Terry "Big Show" Scroggins

"5-hour ENERGY® helps keep me alert on the water and off. After a week of fishing from daylight to dark — practicing for and competing in a tournament — I'm usually driving 15 hours to get to the next one so I can do it all over again. 5-hour ENERGY® helps to make sure that this Show can go on!"

— Terry "Big Show" Scroggins

Jeff Kriet

"I never have trouble feeling alert on the water, but my travel schedule sometimes keeps me behind the wheel for long days. I'll drink a 5-hour ENERGY® to stay sharp when I'm driving to the next tournament or heading home after an Elite event. It's the edge I need even when I'm not fishing."

— Jeff Kriet

Scott Ashmore

"To compete at the Elite level, I need to be fishing on all cylinders and at the top of my game. 5-hour ENERGY® helps me get there by giving me the edge I need to stay sharp. It's fast, easy and gets to work right away, so I can, too." 

— Scott Ashmore